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Why You Should Never Overtrade in Forex Market


Let’s say you are invited into a wedding party where you are requested to sing a song. You are a good singer, you have a beautiful voice and you have sung songs in other parties before. If you start singing a song and continue it for the rest of the night, it is easy to predict that all the guests will be exhausted. Although you sang beautifully some nice songs still the overdose of your music can leave them irritated. We do not know how much of anything is good and suitable until we begin to make that thing irritating.

Trading in Forex is also like a song at your wedding party. If you keep the trading amount low and in control, it will give you peace of mind and you will also feel relaxed. If you continue to trade on whatever trend you can get, it will leave your account dry and empty. Less is more in Forex and it is a concept that does not goes well with the traders. Many people fail to understand the simplicity of low trading and they overtrade the market. They do not make a profit, they lost their focus and many even lost the capital. This article will explain how fewer trading can be profitable in this risky sector when traders are struggling to make a profit. It all comes down to the quality of your trades than your quantity.

Quality trade execution

Do you know why the Singaporean traders are doing relatively well in the investment business? They are more concern about their investment. The Singaporean traders don’t execute random trades without assessing the fundamental and technical factors of the market. To be precise they have a proper trading strategy to make a profit. Many new investors in the options trading industry often say this market rigged. But if you do some research, you will understand Forex market is the only market which can’t be manipulated. This market is so big, even the mighty president of United States of America can’t change the price of certain currency pairs. Try to develop a balanced technique to trade the market. Use your trade management skills to deal with the losing trades.

Fewer trades are easy to control and manage

The first advantage of placing fewer trades is, you can control and manage them easily. You will know what is happening with the trends and you can change your strategy. When people over trade, they do not know how to correct their mistakes and it cost them their profit. As you are trading with fewer trades, you will have more control than the others. It also increases your chance to make money and you reduce your risks to lose capital. You can concentrate more and you will get more time to work on your trades. It is expected that you will make a better plan that will give your expected reward.

Risk vs return

When you place a trade in Forex, you take risks. There is no way you can remove it and the best thing you can do is placing fewer trades. That is what professional traders do to keep their capital safe. They know if they overtrade or analyze the chart too much, it can misdirect them. To avoid this from happening, they only analyze and spend time when they trade. It increases the chances of rewards.

Overworking is not productive

If you spent too much time in Forex, you will not increase your chance of success. This is a mystery where spending more time makes it even more complex. Only spend time when you need to place trades. You can’t become a trade addict and make a consistent profit. You have to focus on a proper strategy and trade the market with discipline. Learn to stay calm and control your emotions while placing any trade. Stop trading the market with the herd as the majority of the traders are losing money.

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