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Ultimate Six Things to Pack in Your Hand Luggage



It’s hard enough being a girl and having to fly with just hand luggage (usually I have one large case checked in plus one small suitcase). Don’t they realise how much we ladies actually need to take away with us?! Low cost airlines are making us cut back on our luggage allowance to pass on the benefits to passengers with cheaper fares. Sounds good but it doesn’t help when you are going to Barcelona on a hen-do and need five outfits, hair appliances, shoes, bags, make-up…

We can overcome the stress by carefully planning our outfits and being ruthless. Here is my guide to the top six things you should pack in your carry-on and still enjoy your holiday.

  1. Hair tongs

Most bars now have hair straightening irons in ladies toilets that you can pop in a euro and get a few minutes’ worth of straightening time. So if you can blow dry your hair in the hotel and then find a bar with one of these you can straighten out your tresses. Instead of letting your GHD’s take up space in your bag, trade them for your hair tongs – you can use these for day time use and add some curls at night. Look out for the travel sized mini versions that you can buy in stores like Boots and John Lewis. Hotel rooms do usually come well equipped now with a hairdryer and shower cap but you’ll still to bring your own. Check out this promo code for a saving off your accommodation booking.

  1. Casual shoes

You’ll be walking around a lot and your poor paws will be blistered and sore. Take care of them when you’re stomping around the city streets during the day with some comfy casual shoes. Try something like these Converse trainers – they look good with everything especially denim jeans or black leggings. Order online at


  1. Cross body bag

Don’t be dragging a big shopper tote around with you all day. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable when you are taking in the sights and you really won’t need half the stuff you put in it anyway. I’d recommend a stylish cross body bag to slip in your cash, phone and lipstick. As with all major cities now, you can be more susceptible to being robbed when you don’t have your belongings close by on your person. Using a cute crossover can deter and prevent a nasty shock when you realise your phone is missing. I love this black quilted bag from Topshop. The gold chain detail would look great as a bag to take out at night too.


  1. Sunglasses

These are the ultimate accessory that you will carry with you on your trip. After a wild night out on the town you’ll be putting these on before leaving your hotel to cover up the dark circles after a late night or stay cool in the shade with some nice sunnies. You’ll look trendy and stylish to fit in with the cosmopolitan fashion of the locals.

  1. Black jeans

Why black you ask? Well it goes with pretty much any colour of blouse or jumper, so you can mix and match what you wear on top and use the same jeans – and you’ll look like you’ve got on a new outfit each day. You can also use these to wear out at night if you are going for cocktails or dinner.

  1. Poncho wrap

Depending on where you are going, the weather will be a little cooler at this time of year. It might not be cold enough for a padded jacket if you are going further south to cities nearer the Mediterranean like Valencia or Rome but you should still take a warm cover up to add extra layers when you are out and about. Try this one from Wallis – at only £22 it’s a bargain for a good quality wool garment with this seasons on trend colour, grey.poncho-wrap


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