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The Things Lying About That You Could Make Money From


It can’t be denied that there almost all of us have times when we need to find some money quickly for one reason or another.

You might need to pay a bill, to get something fixed or to sort out some other pressing financial need. Getting a short term loan at high interest rates isn’t a great move, so what about finding something lying around your home that you could sell instead?

Your Old Mobile Phones

If you were to have a look round your home how many old mobile phones that you no longer use could you expect to find? Most of us have at least one lying around doing nothing more than gather dust and take up space. You might think to yourself that to sell my phone for money¬† is possibly more hassle than it is worth. This isn’t the case at all. In fact, it is incredibly easy to sell an unwanted old phone online these days. It should only take you a few seconds to work out how much you can expect to get paid for your phone and decide whether to go ahead. If you have unwittingly gathered together a collection of a few old mobile phones over the years then it could end up being worth a tidy sum to you if you sell them.

Your Music Collection

Many people still have old vinyl records lying around their home, even if it has been years since they actually listened to any of them. An old record collection can look great in your living room as well as being a talking point but could it also be worth cash to you? Well, it all depends upon what you have in your music collection. There are lots of rare and sought after records that are worth a fortune, even if they don’t look all that impressive at first sight. It can be difficult to spot which records are worth money and which ones aren’t, so you will need to do some research online to get it right. Your first step is probably to focus on any records by big name groups early in their career or that appear to have something unusual about them. You could find something that collectors are desperate to get their hands on.

Your Unwanted Clothes

Even your old clothes can be used to get hold of some cash when you are in a tight financial situation. This might sound weird but you will find that you can sell these items online with very little fuss if you need some cash fast. ¬†Just separate out a pile of old but useable clothes you no longer want and then go online to find out how much you can hope to get for them. Unless you have a collection of expensive designer clothes you probably can’t expect to make a fortune from doing this. However, it could be enough to dig you out of a financial hole while also clearing out your wardrobe at the same time.



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