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How to protect your phone from getting hacked for Free

We use our cell phones to store a lot of private information. Unfortunately, hackers and thieves have become aware of this fact and have developed ways to spy on our phones and our private information- often without our knowledge. While there are several ways that your phone can be compromised, you can definitely get hacked just from your phone number. Here are a few facts about this and how to prevent a phone number hack from happening to you.

How is it Done? Mobile phones in the United States run on a network exchange service called CCSS7, which connects networks and serves for backend operations. Hackers have found a way to penetrate this network and can find your location, read your SMS texts, and even spy on your phone conversations just by using your phone number. Resourceful hackers can go one step further and try to trick you into opening a message or downloading an antivirus app that looks like it is from a trusted source when it is instead laced with malware.

Dangers of Malware: There are several types of malware that a phone can contract. Some will crash your phone’s operating system while others will allow hackers to access your private information- including your email and passwords. Both can be pretty costly, which is why you definitely need to keep your phone safe.

What You Can Do: Protect your phone from malware with a mobile antivirus for your Android or iPhone. Make sure that you download the antivirus app that works for your phone model. Keeping your app and your phone updated is best. Free antivirus for Android can be found on Google Play, while iPhone has its own app.

Obtaining a good anti-virus app and avoiding suspicious apps and downloads are some of the best ways to protect your phone. If you think that your passwords have become compromised, change them immediately and keep an eye on your email and other mobile linked apps for suspicious activity.

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