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Half Hourly Electricity Meters and how They can Help you

picIf you have old fashioned manual electricity meters in your properties, you are probably consuming too much electricity. Unfortunately, manual meters do not allow you to know the quantity of electricity being consumed in your properties, or when it is consumed. Another drawback of old fashioned manual meters is that someone has to read them. That someone may be you, or your meter operator representative. In any event, it is inconvenient to organize meter readings. Moreover, if you fail to read your meters regularly, your energy bills will be estimated.

’00’ electricity meters, or half hourly electricity meters, have peak loads in excess of 100kW and come with ‘half hourly’ primary meters. These corporate electricity meters are used on sites with big commercial electricity supplies, and the meter is read automatically every half hour of the day. As a result, total energy consumption is monitored every thirty minutes round the clock. This data is exported from the meter automatically, and sent straight to your chosen electricity supplier. This ensures the accuracy of your electricity bills, because you are only charged for energy you use.

Before having your half hourly meters installed or upgraded, you should seek a competitive deal from your supplier, your meter operator and your distributor. Avoid signing up to a billing structure that gives one firm a monopoly. Negotiating these deals can be an involved and complicated procedure, because of different supplier hedging methods, the need for in-depth demand data, and constantly changing wholesale market costs.

The most important advantages of half hourly provison of electricity relates to data management and analysis. Specially designed software enables you to retrieve the gathered data to generate electricity management reports and identify trends. You can inspect your consumption levels for any properties you oversee. Modern software programs can set off an alarm, if consumption rises above a specified level. Trends are evident from this data, and the majority of firms can save an extra ten percent each year, by utilizing these cutting edge assessment tools.

Since April of 2014, all commercial premises that consume sufficient energy to be billed monthly have been required, by law, to use AMR (Automated Meter Reading) meters, rather than old fashioned manual meters. If you are unsure, you should check whether you are compliant and understand how to proceed if you require an upgrade. Firstly, locate the supply reference number on your energy bill. Usually, this begins with the letter ‘S’, and it is at the bottom of the bill. If the numbers 08, 07, 06 or 05 are in the top left hand box, adjacent to the ‘S’, you have to adhere to this rule.

Read your energy bill and check whether an AMR charge is mentioned. If it is, you are compliant already. If no AMR charge is mentioned, you may still own an AMR meter, funded via a separate agreement that your supplier made with a meter operator. This would appear on a separate invoice, and not on your standard energy bill. If you are still uncertain, contact your energy supplier using the telephone number shown on your bill. Your supplier will clarify this for you.

If you want to reduce your electricity bills, contact the Business Energy Store This company compares prices from every major UK supplier, and ensures that you always receive the best rates available. This is a totally impartial service, so it does not favor any one particular supplier. Irrespective of the size of your organization, the Business Energy Store will be pleased to answer any questions you might have, with regards to obtaining an attractive contract from a reputable supplier.

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