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Get a Beverly Hills Business Address

If you are running a small and growing business in the LA area, you will be constantly searching for areas in which you can cut costs. Overheads are a drain on resources, so any savings will be very much welcome. So here we are about to advise you on cost cutting, by getting a Beverly Hills address for your business! It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? In fact, it’s genuine advice, because we are suggesting you use the Beverly Hills Live answering service and virtual office solutions provided by Global Business Centers (GBC).

With 20 years of experience in providing virtual office services, GBC are based in the area, so when you use their services you also get the use of a prestigious and highly noticeable Beverly Hills 90210 business address. Imagine how that will look when you hand your business card to potential clients – it has to be the ultimate in first impressions! But it’s not just an address you get to use, as there is so much more to the GBC service that will benefit you and your business.

Full Virtual Office

We mentioned the live answering service above; this is just one part of this surprisingly affordable and highly effective package. You get the services of a professional and experienced receptionist who will screen and answer your calls with your own bespoke greeting, and who will transfer them to you wherever you may be. That’s your own receptionist, but without the full-time salary. You also get a dedicated business phone line that takes voice mail, which can be accessed by email whenever you wish. This is the best virtual office Beverly Hills solution in the business, and one you really need to look closely at.

Furthermore, all your mail will go to this address, where it will be professionally handled by the expert team in the dedicated mailroom. They will hold it for you until you need to collect it. So, if you are not a business that gets unsolicited visitors, and you don’t spend all of your time in the office, this is a solution that can save you a great deal of money, while getting you an address that cannot fail to impress your existing and potential clients.

Meeting Room Rental

If you need to hold a meeting with clients or gather your people together for a meeting, GBC can offer you superbly presented meeting and conference room facilities, complete with HD TV, high-speed internet, comfortable leather chairs and furnishings that will impress any visitors. You also get complimentary team, coffee and water served in the room, a pleasant welcoming reception area, and garage parking for your guests for the duration.

For small businesses, the appeal; of a Beverly Hills address is one that cannot be overlooked, so if you want more information, use the handy online live chat, or email and one of the team will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

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