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5 Ways to Save Money Using Technology

We’ve always had some form of technology to aid us, but until now we have never had such an abundance of technology that is accessible and relatively cheap. With the expansion of the internet and increased computing potential, we should consider the ways we can make use of it and how it can improve our… Read More »

Saving Money Has Never Been Easier!

Source If you do not have enough money to buy the things you desire, then we have got the answer. It can be difficult to keep control of our cash spending activities. A little here and a little there never seems to be that much. But it all adds up, and soon you are wondering… Read More »

Stock Trading Risk Management 101

Modern stock trading is more than a simple day at the stock market where you look at the numbers passing by, talk to your peers and competitors and try to figure out whose stocks to buy and whose to pass. It is not even something seen on movies, no matter how appealing and exciting those… Read More »

Half Hourly Electricity Meters and how They can Help you

If you have old fashioned manual electricity meters in your properties, you are probably consuming too much electricity. Unfortunately, manual meters do not allow you to know the quantity of electricity being consumed in your properties, or when it is consumed. Another drawback of old fashioned manual meters is that someone has to read them…. Read More »

Best Apps For A Close Up Look At Your Money

Thank goodness for the internet, and thank goodness for smartphones! It has never been so easy to find out everything you ever wanted to know about finances and how to manage them. There are great websites, useful tips and tricks, and even plenty of apps to help you get to grips with budgeting. With so… Read More »

Money Saving Tips For Small Businesses

Keeping a small business going in these tough economic times can be quite a task. Business rates keep swallowing your profits. Advertising is worthwhile but expensive. Well, don’t worry! We have a whole heap of tips that can get you back on track. [IMAGE] Advertising Advertising is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, it… Read More »

How To Save Money When Moving House Next Year

Are you planning to put your property on the market and find something new next year? Would you like some amazing tips that could help you to do that without breaking the bank? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you implement the ideas we’ve included in this post, your move should become hassle-free… Read More »

What Happens When You Default on Your Mortgage?

The worst fear of any homeowner is defaulting on their mortgage. Not only does it result in the loss of the most valuable asset most people eve have, but it also leaves them unable to get another mortgage loan for years. Worse, it leaves a mark with the credit reporting agencies that can cause a… Read More »