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10 Best Countries For Outsourcing




Outsourcing is an extremely good way for business owners to make the company more efficient. Delegating tasks to dedicated and hard-working teams of overseas workers could ultimately boost company profits. The business owner will have peace of mind that important tasks are being handled by consummate professionals. The owners will then be able to focus their energy on other aspects of the company.

A virtual assistant should also be able to multitask comfortably and be able to problem-solve in an extremely effective way.They need to be extremely reliable and must be able to speak English to an excellent standard. Honesty is another key attribute of these delegates. These assistants must be able to raise concerns confidently with their managers in order to solve problems with a minimum of fuss. Clear communication between all the people involved is absolutely vital.

With all this in mind, the next step is to think about which country to choose when hiring this assistance. Business process outsourcing occurs worldwide, with some countries outperforming others when it comes to offering a quality service.

Read this helpful guide in order to discover the ten leading countries when it comes to delegation services.


The Philippines is another world leader in outsourcing. The level of English spoken in the island nation is very advanced because children are taught to a high standard from a very young age. BPO Virtual Assistant provide a virtual personal assistant from the Philippines.


India has emerged as a world leader in business assistance. That is why it is so common to hear an Indian accent on the other end of the phone when people have a problem with their computer or with their bank. The excellent standard of English in India means that it is an ideal place to outsource aspects of a business.


China is a popular country for manufacturers and retailers to outsource their production. With a population of over 1 billion, China has a huge workforce that can be used in production.


Malaysia is one of the richest countries in South-East Asia, with a rapidly growing information technology industry. This means that the country is able to offer quality IT consulting services with high-trained staff.


Thailand is attractive to businesses because it offers a low cost of production, meaning that companies will save money in the long-term.


Brazil is emerging as a popular country to outsource to, with high people skills and low costs.


Indonesia is emerging in the IT sector, as well as providing effective garment production at low costs.


Bulgaria has lower labour costs than other countries in Europe, with a stable economic and political environment.


Along with Brazil, Chile is proving to be a popular country to outsource to. The country has been acclaimed as a hub for research and development, with a committed workforce and a stable economy.

Use this guide to decide which countries to outsource to.

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