What Happens When You Default on Your Mortgage?

What Happens When You Default on Your Mortgage

The worst fear of any homeowner is defaulting on their mortgage. Not only does it result in the loss of the most valuable asset most people eve have, but it also leaves them unable to get another mortgage loan for years. Worse, it leaves a mark with the credit reporting agencies that can cause a… Read More »

Mortgage Advice for the Total Novice


Many people talk about taking out a mortgage, but very few understand what this actually means. This is a massive financial commitment; probably the biggest one you’ll ever make in your life. That means you need to make sure that it’s the right thing to do for you. You also need to make sure that… Read More »

Budgeting Tips for a Frugal Life


Budgeting for a frugal life might sound boring, but you’ll thank yourself in a few years when you can afford to retire early because of all of your savings. Budgeting allows you to do many things; saving and investing being just two of those things. The less you spend, the less you need to earn… Read More »

Mortgages 101 – The Definitive Guide

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Simon Cunningham When you are stepping into the world of mortgages, you may get a little confused and wonder if the agent is acting in your best interests. That is why it is best to arm yourself with as much knowledge on the subject as you can before you apply for one. It is probably… Read More »

Know your consumer rights


Buying an item you then find doesn’t work when you get home or is poor quality and breaks soon after buying is a frustrating experience. Taking it back to the store to have your request for a refund or replacement denied is even more frustrating and can cause feelings of anger and distress. In a… Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Budgeting For Retirement


Picture Author When we reach our early 40’s, most UK residents start panicking because they’ve not paid enough attention to making preparations for their retirement. Sadly, the government currently has plans to increase the age of eligibility to around 70, and this means most of us will never get there anyway, especially when you consider… Read More »

6 Ways To Make Money Without Doing Much Work


When it comes to paying the bills each month and supplementing a main income, quite a lot of people across the United States tend to have second jobs. But did you know that there are several ways that you can bring home the bacon, so to speak, without having to do lots of work for… Read More »