Everything You Need To Know About Budgeting For Retirement


Picture Author When we reach our early 40’s, most UK residents start panicking because they’ve not paid enough attention to making preparations for their retirement. Sadly, the government currently has plans to increase the age of eligibility to around 70, and this means most of us will never get there anyway, especially when you consider… Read More »

6 Ways To Make Money Without Doing Much Work


When it comes to paying the bills each month and supplementing a main income, quite a lot of people across the United States tend to have second jobs. But did you know that there are several ways that you can bring home the bacon, so to speak, without having to do lots of work for… Read More »

Why do young drivers pay more for auto insurance?

young drivers pay more for auto insurance

It is frustrating to know that just when you are excited about weaving through the roads for the first time, you find out that you are required to pay eye-watering sum of money for your car insurance because you are young. Young drivers’ car insurance policies are indeed more expensive than the older experienced drivers’… Read More »

Do outdated copyright laws hinder growth?

outdated copyright laws

So it’s now 2013 and this question is back in the news. Some things hardly change. Remember David Cameron’s concerns of 2010: “Could it be true that laws designed more than three centuries ago with the express purpose of creating economic incentives for innovation by protecting creators’ rights are today obstructing innovation and economic growth?”… Read More »

How Social Media Affects the Development of a Company


The dilemma that lots of modern companies deal with is far removed from the early question of whether workers should use social media while at work. Having seen the far-reaching positive effects of social media to business profitability and success, the only question that should be on the minds of managers is how to efficiently… Read More »

4 Different Ways to Finance Your New Property

Finance Your New Property

It can be a real headache when you decide that the time is right to get onto the first rung of the property ladder. You’ve waited long enough and although you don’t have a king’s ransom saved up, you’re as flush as you’re ever going to be. The fact is that if you waste any… Read More »

Quiz – What type of buyer are you?

realestateview.com.au Quiz1

If you’ve never thought about buying property before (and let’s face it, a lot of people probably haven’t!), now might be the time to consider it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea, don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal! Everyone approaches the purchase of a property in a different way, and a method that works for one… Read More »